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USB to RS485 Converter Adapter
USB connector: to your PC
RS485 connector: to your RS485 device
No need external power, powered by USB port
Fully compliant USB 2.0 standard , backward compatible with USB1.1
Fuse + TVS

Support System: Windows XP , Vista, Windows 7 , Linux , MacOS , and WinCE5.0 drive
Supports baud rate range : 75bps - 115200bps , up to 6Mbps
Supports Plug , Play and hot-swap ( USB side) ;
Better than using CH341D chip or similar chip to support the laptop USB port .
Communication distance up to 1.2KM, with anti-jamming performance of industrial site ;
Work temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C
Communication distance :1200m(max)
Color: Black

All kinds with RS485 port device parameter settings , data communication
Short distance , such as parameter settings of the computer peripheral equipment , the use of common data lines can be .
A and A port of the device when the wiring is connected , B and device B connected . Some devices D + A and D, - B .
LED display of communication data
Machine PLC data reading and writing
Monitoring data read and write , and PTZ control
Centralized control of household electrical appliances
Access Control System ; card
A variety of industrial automation ; instrumentation
Parking ; bus fees
Dining Hall ; staff attendance
Highway toll station; ATM machine


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Modbus RS485 RTU USB 2.0 Adapter met CP2104 en SN75175 chip

  • Model: USB-0015-R485
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
  • € 7,02

  • Excl. BTW: € 5,80

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Tags: Modbus, RS485, RTU, USB 2.0, Adapter, CP2104, SN75175

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